Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who, Me?

Who, Me? You've Got to Be Kidding!!”

God gives gives us a life of purpose filled with many purposes. God calls us to live out those purposes. God's call, rather for vocation or to simply respond to an invitation to get involved in something, comes in countless ways. My life has had many callings. The call to be a District Superintendent (DS) was a call to a vocational change in direction. I am beginning this blog with my call to be a DS and am wondering, not just for all of you DS's out there, but for anyone who has heard and responded to God's call in their lives. What was it like for you? What has it been like for you?

How did you react when your Bishop called you and invited you to be a District Superintendent? It was a bitter cold day in February when my call came. I was at a doctor’s office. The doctor was running late. I went to my truck to check voice mail on my cell. A message from my wife said, “Call the Bishop.” Assuming that he wanted to discuss something about a committee I served on, I called. After pleasantries, he said, “I want to invite you to come on the cabinet.” Quickly, I wondered what he wanted me to do. The rumor mill was dry regarding cabinet changes. I couldn’t figure it out. Then he continued, “I would like you to serve as the District Superintendent of the Easton District.” I was stunned. I started shaking, almost dropping the phone. I am not sure, but I think I said something impressive like, “Are you serious?” A superintendent! The largest geographical district in the conference. Me? Unbelievable! I was serving a church that could easily be the last one I served before retirement. I had absolutely no aspirations to be a district superintendent. Frankly, knowing me as I, I would not have asked me to be a DS. Now, out of the blue, disrupting the well planned world of my life, this conversation. He graciously gave my wife and me 48 hours to pray about it. We drove through the district, riding by the parsonage that we would live in. The fenced in backyard that would allow our basset hound to run free was the deal closer for my wife. She knew God was in it. In reality she was not surprised at the invitation and believed God was in it all along. It took me longer. Today, I am in my fourth year of superintendency. In moments of reflection, I wonder, “Why me?” It has been a roller coaster ride for sure, causing a great deal of introspection. There has never been one moment when I have felt fully adequate for the job. Yet, somehow I feel I am where I am supposed to be, doing what God wants me to do. What has your call been like?

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